Poker Beginner Mistakes

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A rookie mistake some players make is to keep playing when they’re in over their head. This is very common with beginner players who are so eager to just be a part of the game that they don’t quite grasp the value of folding yet. It’s understandable. You want to play poker, you don’t want to fold and watch other people play poker. Some people think it’s boring to fold. If you’re playing at small stakes or you have the money to waste, go ahead and keep playing. But if you’re playing to win and not end up losing a bunch of money, learn the value of folding. Remember that playing more usually means losing more. If you fold for less than half of the hands that you are dealt, your starting hand requirements are most likely too low. This counts when playing situs poker online too. Online players often lose money because it doesn’t seem real, but it will definitely start becoming real once you’ve lost money due to foolishness and inexperience.

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For some reason many inexperienced players think every single game you play should include a whole lot of bluffing. This is what you see in the movies and it’s easy to think that it’s the norm. In reality, bluffing when there’s no reason to bluff or when you have no idea how to bluff. Bluffing and then losing because of that transparent bluff can be extremely embarrassing and immediately tells other players that you have no idea what you’re doing. Remember that bluffing isn’t a part of the set rules of poker, it’s okay not to bluff. Since bluffing relies largely on body language and facial expression it’s also impossible to bluff while playing situs poker online.

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