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Juggling Gender Roles In Marriage As A Modern Women


Despite how society has changed, men are still attracted to the same two things in women that has always attracted them: femininity and nurturing. It’s biological wiring for a man to find a woman who can provide care attractive (unless a woman uses her free love spell. In which case he can’t help but be attracted to her). Yes, today’s women are far more than just a wife and a mother. But evolution hasn’t quite caught up with society’s changes yet and no man will be attracted to a women’s career over her ability to be the heart and soul of a household.

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A good man should of course support you in your career, but you really can have it all. Having a career and a family isn’t unheard of anymore. In today’s world, raising children on a single income is basically impossible anyway. This means that household chores should be split as well. There’s no way around that, unless you’re a stay at home mom you can’t do all of the chores.

But make effort to make your man feel good. Use your day off to cook his favorite meal. Spend enough time with the children and your husband. Take time to look after yourself, just the same way that he takes care of himself to look good to you.

Relationships are all based on love, mutual respect and an understanding that you need to work as a team. Melt the traditional family structure with the modern family structure and you get the perfect middle ground. Men want to feel like men and women want to feel like women, but by helping each other out you’re creating a less stressful space for everyone in your household.

Or just use a free love spell to keep him around. Whatever works.