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Finding the Best Mascara for Long, Thick Lashes


If you were very unluckily born with short, straight eyelashes,  you should be aware that you can easily improve their look with 3d fiber lash mascara. This will make them appear to be much thicker and longer. In addition, the best mascara for making those short, straight lashes look long and thick may also add a bit of drama to your look by conditioning your lashes. This will keep them looking healthy and lustrous. Following are some tips for finding the best mascara for making your lashes look longer and thicker.

3d fiber lash mascara

First of all, you want to look for a mascara that lengthens your eyelashes. This means they will coat the tips with synthetic or cellulose fibers to extend them. In addition, keep in mind that the best mascara for longer, thicker lashes will also have a unique applicator designed to grip from the roots of your lashes to make them longer and thicker. Typically, this type of brush will look like a row of shorter bristles or a soft tuft of bristles.

The best mascara for longer, thicker lashes will feature specialized silicone polymers that will create a fuller look to your lashes. These are known as thickening mascaras and are created to add some thickness without resulting in clumping to make the “spider eye” look. If you do have some clumping, simply use a dry wand immediately after applying the mascara to remove the extra.

If you’d also like for your longer, thicker lashes to have some extra lift, you might want to consider using a curling mascara. This will create the fuller look, as well as curl- and hold the curl- in your lashes once it dries. Products that are most effective will also have a protein base which curves and lengthens your lashes without making them become brittle and dry.

If you have been using a waterproof mascara, chances are that your lashes have started to dry out and break. Therefore, you want to make sure to choose a mascara that is made to condition your lashes. The best ones will contain ingredients such as Vitamin B5 or Vitamin E to lengthen your lashes and keep them supple while adding some volume and length.